Core Values

Our core values shape our behavior and focus our decision making. They will differentiate us in the search industry and guide us in the service to our clients and candidates.

Continuous Improvement

Cycles of learning will drive our future success. Our ability to apply lessons learned to improve our internal processes and client relationships dictates our ability to compete in the industry.


Trust is critical for a strong relationship. We must do everything we can to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.

Honesty and Integrity

Our group works collaboratively with clients and candidates throughout each search assignment, protecting their best interests and confidential information. We never send a candidate’s information to a client without express permission from that candidate. We never disclose the name of our clients unless we have first established interest and determined that the candidate is qualified. We pride ourselves on open, honest communication and the ability to consistently deliver what we promise.
After more than 25 years as a business professional, the group was formed in 2016 to work on your behalf. We believe in continuous improvement in what we do. People who know what to do with today’s intricate technologies and methodologies must also be professionals who work decisively and proactively in team environments toward our clients’ long-term objectives. We have “walked the walk” of nearly every position for which we recruit. Our days are full of hard work, integrity, tenacity and passion. We specialize in identifying and attracting highly skilled, professional candidates.

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We specialize in identifying and attracting highly skilled, professional candidates.​

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